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Rhumb Is Up

· 2 min read
Jake Russo

I have setup the site and am getting the first blog put together. Going to leave these beautiful plushies in here for good measure:

Docusaurus Plushie

Now, where were we? Oh yeah! Rhumb! You will learn more about the language in many more posts to come. Keep reading for insights into the current status and rough roadmap for the year ahead.

The site is barebones and many pages aren't filled out but I do have a fair amount of content already mostly there. It just needs to get organized from my horrible smattering of notes.

That said, the language itself is not quite up to snuff. I am doing this documentation exercise to get myself back into the right frame of mind to begin development again.

Where is it at currently?

The language can compile basic labels and do basic math. That's about it. Maps are my next step and I want to make sure I get all the pieces right so that they don't require any re-working later. This bit of code will be the foundation for pretty much everything else that follows, data-wise.

Once maps are done, my plan is to first do simple selectors (enough to accomplish basic conditional functionality), then to functions and strings. After that, likely I will need to do another refinement pass on maps and make sure the protype system is bug-free.

Once all of that work is done I want to do another release and polish and expand the CLI and tooling support.

After that, I will go to signal selectors, libraries, and other tooling.

How long will that take?

Likely more than a year. I work full time, have a girlfriend, a son, and several other hobbies. Often times, I wait for my interest to pique and then try to put in as much time as possible. I have a tendency to burn out and need recharges on programming due to cramming and life encroachment. At some point, if the interest is there and the language feels far enough along, I may take some time off to work on Rhumb so that I can improve the velocity but it's way too early for that kind of thing.

Expect more blog posts about design choices and novel elements of Rhumb.

Thanks for reading!